Tuesday, January 26

What's in my makeup bag

Hello, my darling! So I'm leaving to Chech Republic in 8 days and I can't be more excited. But as I'm starting to pack, I've decided that it won't be any better time to show you what's usually in my makeup bag. I'm positive that when I'm all packed, my makeup bag is going to be filled with various bits and bobs that aren't supposed to be there but they are because of space saving. So without further a do, let's see what I carry on in my makeup bag!

As you can see, I don't have a lot, because I'm not a massive makeup junkie. But I have to say, I love my new makeup bag which is from NewYorker. It wasn't really expensive and it is big and really cute. On one side as you can see it says Lipsticks&More and on the other side it gives you a positive start to your day by saying Keep smilin' because it's a lovely day. And now let's go to the details!

For my face almost every time I use these four things
1. A very old compressed powder that I don't even remember it's name. But it does the job and I'm happy with it.
2. Rival de Loop Young BB Effect Makeup Foundation.
3. Rival de Loop Young BB Effect Concealer
4. And a little sponge that I use to blend my foundation and concealer

I won't lie, lip products I really love and these four are the ones that I enjoy most of the time.
1. Essence liquid lipstick. It doesn't say on the package what shade it is but it looks lovely on my lips.
2. ChupaChups lip balm is the most recent addition to my makeup bag and I can't believe it but it's really good. My lips feel soft and moisturised after every use.
3. Lime Twist Carmex Moisturising lip balm. I use this lip balm when I'm having trouble with my lips and it is the best treatment for my lips ever.
4. Technic Vintage Blue Lagoon lip balm. I like this lip balm only for it's minty fresh smell but as the product goes I don't really like it.

Finally my eyes and brows!
1. This is a brown shade liquid eye liner. I feel like black liners make my face look too harsh so I'm using this brown one and again, I'm sorry but the writing on it is all off, so I can't say the name of this product.
2. Essence Eyebrows stylist set. I've bought shadow based eyebrow filler for the first time and I'm telling you, I'm not coming back. It's amazing!
3. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Wonder'Full mascara. I never thought that I would say this about mascara but it really smells amazing! Also it's a good treatment for my eyelashes because it has cucumber vitamins in it and it makes my lashes long, thick and black. What more could you want?
So that is all! I know it's not much but I wanted to share my contents of a makeup bag anyways. I hope you've enjoyed it!
See you soon,


Jodie Dewberry said...

I love the bag - things with cute quotes are so much fun! :)

Jodie - alajode.com

Simona Michlicenko said...

100 % agree!