Friday, January 1



Happy New Year everybody! I've missed my blog so much and I have decided to write here as much as I can this year. Such a cliché, I know.. But anyways, for the first post in 2016 , I wanted to share with you a few of my New Year's resolutions. The first one is obviously to write in my blog more. To be a blogger is an old dream of mine, but as the years went by I came to a realisation that I'm not cut out for it. Despite that, no one is stopping me from trying and I really want to make it a fun hobby. 
I have big plans for 2016. Starting February I'm going to study abroad. I'm going to live in Check Republic for four months and I can't be more excited. Also, I have a resolution to visit England this summer and I'm almost positive that I'm going to do that. My brother lives there so I'm more excited to visit him, to be honest.
One of the resolutions that I've added to my list for the first time is to discover new music. I really want to listen more of what is not really my style because I am the kind of person that eventually comes to loving everything. I believe that music or any other kind of art is worth loving and it doesn't matter if you don't usually like something. Somebody created it, somebody performed and everybody should appreciate it. I would be more than happy if in the comments you could leave me some of your favourite performers or favourite songs.
The last resolution that I'm going to share with you is to photograph every single day and choose the best photo that sums up that day the best. I'm not going to post every single one of these photos but maybe, once in a while I'll share with you what I have captured.
Please tell me what are your New Year's resolutions.
See you soon,

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