Saturday, November 15

Stop the hate

So, I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog, but I'm the kind of person, that realy loves the quality of stuff I'm posting but not the quantity and with all of my studies and extra activities, I just haven't had time for a decent blog post.
Today I just want to talk with you on a subject that have been bothering me for quaite some time and it is HATE ON INTERNET. Since I'm not in any way famous or known on internet, I don't have experience with heavy hating myself but being a loyal fan of youtube, I've noticed that a lot of people that I admire is dealing with very ungreatful and kind of stupid people. I just don't understand the point of leaving awful comments and negativity for a person that is doing their best to entertain us. NOBODY'S PERFECT. You can't expect that even the most beloved person on youtube won't make any mistakes. They are people, just like the rest of us and I'm getting mad even writing this, because I just can't understand why all of this even has to be said. I can guarantee that almost all of us has gone threw bullying, so instead of pouring all of your negative emotions that you get at school or on internet, try to do something better. BE a BETTER person. BE a SMARTER person. It won't make you feel bad. It will make you feel better for doing a good job and it will definitely make somebody else feel great. I think life should be all about that.
I don't know, maybe I'm just writing all of this pointlessly, but even if this post will be read by only ten people - it is a good start.
I feel like internet should be a place to run away from your problems for just a little bit, but not for collecting more and more problems.
I know that I can't spread this message all by myself, but please, use hashtags that spread positivity or just don't let the bullies win. Treat others in a way, that you would love to be treated. One person at a time, internet can change if we all try.
Congratulations if you read this far, I know that my thougts are not very easy to understand, but it is hard to write something important in a foreign language, but I hope that you understand me and you are with me. With all the love in the world, Simona.

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