Wednesday, September 24

Weight Loss Story + Motivation Tips

today I've decided to talk on a more serious note. The struggle of loosing weight. I admire people who love themselves the way they are but personaly I, can't love myself as much as I know I can love when I look a bit prettier. Last Summer I've reached my lowest point or highest weight, you can say so. I was feeling really bad about myself, so I knew there was only one option. I had to lose some weight. I've joined gym, spend money on personal diet and so I began my journey and I was really surprised that I was doing so well. I had motivation, strength and patience and oh my god, how happy I was with the results. Only after three months I've started my senior year in highschool with confidence I have never had and the feeling was just amazing. Time went on, but I didn't stop, I wanted to reach my goal weight and I was heading straight for it but then something happened. I won a trip to The Netherlands and Germany and my trainer let me eat whatever I wan during the trip as a little reward for loosing 30 kilograms (by then, I was on a diet for almost six months). It was an amazing trip and I've enjoyed every bit of it, but unfortunately, when I came back home, I just couldn't get on the right track again and that's when it all fell.. I've tried a lot of times, but I couldn't keep it up for more then a week so I began to gain weight again and the feeling was just awful. Over the last 9 months, I've gained 20 kilograms back and I just don't want to reach that highest weight which made me feel depressed. I'm going to do the miracle that I've done once again and I came up with a few tips that should help keep me motivated and I'm going to share them with you.



Do not set unrealistic goals. Make them small, but satisfying and renew them everytime you reach one. This will give you the pleasure of achievement and will keep you motivated then you will understand that you can really do this.


Make up a point system where you buy something you wanted for a really long time everytime you get maybe 100 points. You can get points when you eat right, when you exercise or even don't eat something bad, when you really want it. I think, it will help those, who are really comepetetive and everything is more fun when you turn it into some kind of game. Or you can even reward yourself for every goal you've reached.


Leave little photos where you look good everywhere to remind yourself that you can do this. Put them on your fridge, desk or even phone and computer screen (as I did) Everytime I see a photo where I look really good, I instantly want to look like that again and that gives me motivation.


This one is pretty self explanatory so I won't dig into it a lot but this is where I need your help. I would really enjoy chatting with girls that want to lose weight and help them just as much as they will help me. It is always better to do hard things with somebody to look after you and it is fun to share your experiences. Even when you binge a little, it is good to have somebody to talk to. So, if any of you want to be my weight loss buddy, just leave a comment and I'll be very happy.


It is no secret that most of the time we eat beacause we are bored. If you do some work, read a book or just get you mind busy, you won't have time to think about food and you'll eat less.


A little reminder of what you've achieved and what else do you have to achieve is always a plus. I know I am not some kind of famous blogger but I really recommend to star a blog just for yourself maybe, if you're not brave enough to share everything with the whole internet. I know I am not, that's why I didn't say how much I've weighted and putting those "before" photos was really hard but I thought "hey, maybe I'll make somebody motivated"

So here are all of my tips and I really hope that I will help at least one person because that will make me feel very good. I can't wait to post other "before and after" pictures and I guess it won't be easy just as it wasn't easy this time but I'm proud of doing that so no regrets. And I just wanted to say that I've always been over weight, it is not something that had developed only a few years ago. I think it's in my DNR, because there is no one in my family that is very slim, but I really want to look as good as can so I'm going to try. Also, don't forget that you have to love yourself and lose weight not only for appearance but for health also and as long as you're going to do everything healthy and in moderation, you'll achieve wonderful things. Good luck! 


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