Thursday, August 7

Thrifted treasures: Topshop dress

Hello. So, I'm one of those people, who tries to save up and usually visits thrift shops instead of any other expensive clothing shops. And it rarely dissappoints me. I have lots and lots amazing clothes that were cheap and are good quality. So, I decided to start new series on my blog called Thrifted treasures. For a first post I chose my all time favourite thrift shop purchase and it is this purple Topshop skater style dress. I feel like skater dresses or skirts really suits my full figure and I have worn this dress on many occasions and I will wear it again. I'm sure of that. Because it's so simple, you can dress it up, o r dress it down which I have done both. It was a total bargain, I've spend on it less than one euro (can you imagine? For a Topshop dress??) Anyways, I'll show you a few accessories I paired with this dress now.
I always try to accentuate my waist line and little tiny belts are perfect for doing that, so that was the first accessory that I chose. I have this black one with little studs on it which I feel is very edgy. And this belt is also thrifted.
This time I decided to dress up this dress so I went for a clutch which gives a little pop of colour but any bag in general suits this dress. I bought this clutch from another girl so i can't tell you where exactly is it from.
My beloved bracelets are also thrifted and they are just gorgeous. I like to pair them both and I feel like they fit almost every outfit and give a luxorious feeling. I always feel very girly ant beautiful with them.
I guess, that is going to be it for my first ever Thrifted treasures series post. I hope you like this idea and I'm looking forward to doing more of these. Have a nice day 'cause I'm having one and till the next time. Byess!


OH-SO-BOHO said...

Labai įdomi tema! Būtinai užsuksiu ir toliau pasiskaitinėt.
P.S apyrankės tobulos !

Simona Michlicenko said...

užsuk užsuk, lauksiu.:D joo, pati buvau nustebus, kad tokias radau, mokėjau už abi tik po 6 litus.;o

Molly Mac said...

Beautiful dress and bracelets!! :)

Nikki LunarLights said...

What a lovely dress :) And that's great you got it at such a bargain too xxx

Antonella said...

This post is amazing!
Keep in touch xoxo :)