Monday, August 4

Fun day at the garden

Hello! Yeserday, myself and my friend, decided to go to my garden and just have a lovely day and then a cosy night, watching movies. And everything went as planned, except for a few technical issues we had with my computer, but in the end, everything went well. We had so much fun and my dog was going nuts, enjoying great weather. As you will see in the photos next, she had a little accident and she was so dirty that we had to wash her, but when night time came, she was all dried up and was able to sleep next to our feet.
If you're interested, we've watched three movies. Maybe I'll give you some ideas for a movie marathon with your friends. So these were the three we've watched.
The Basketball Diaries
All of them we've enjoyed, but Carrie was the one that dissappointed us a little bit. We've expected a horror movie, but it was not scary at all. Anyways, it was interesting and it was worth watching it just for Ansel Elgort *drooling*. Also, I wanted to say that I really love my blue dress with polka dots. It's so summery and cute. I bought it about three or four years ago on the huge market in Ukraine and I kind of forgot that I have it, but now I'm certain, that I'll wear it a lot.
So yeah, this post is just a little piece of my life that I wanted to share and hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did. Byees!
Bad bad dirty dog
All cleaned up but still a wet little devil


emmerliejay said...

This looks like such a lovely day - I love relaxing in hammocks! Your dress is really nice and your dog is so cute!
emmerliejay x

Simona Michlicenko said...

Oh, I agree, hammocks are the best! Thank you for your nice words.:)