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Disney tag

Hello! To those, who know me, it is no surprise that I'm the biggest Disney fan. I know, shocking news. I think I don't know a youtuber that doesn't love Disney, but hey, almost all of us grew up, watching Disney movies and at some point, we all loved them. So, today i decided to do a Disney tag, which i found on tumblr. I tought it would be fun and You'll enjoy it. I sure know i enjoyed doing it, even though I spend a lot more time on some of these questions than a nineteen years old girl should. Have a cup of tea and enjoy!

1. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
I grew up watching mainly The Lion King and Pocahontas so it was hard to choose but I think I'll go with Pocahontas just because I remember going to my aunt and asking her everytime to turn on this movie on her VCR player.. (I feel old). I feel like Pocahontas is different, inspiring and I even love the sad ending of it. I didn't enjoy part 2 so much, so I prefer to think that it ended in part 1.
2. What disney character do you relate to the most?
Now this question made me think a lot, but in the end, I decided than I can relate most to the Lady from Lady and the Tramp. Yeah, I know that it's a dog, but her character is just so like me. I like attention, I often feel guilty about something that I'm not and I do love my family a lot. As for appearance, everyone tells me that I look like Merida from Brave but it's just because of my curly, ginger hair.
3. What disney girl is the prettiest?
Without a doubt - Esmeralda form The Hunchback of Notre Dame
4. What disney guy is the hottest?
Flynn Rider from Tangled 
5. Who is your favorite side kick?
I go on back and forth from Olaf from Frozen and Mushu from Mulan
6. Favorite villain?
I think Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. I don't know, dudes like him are just funny for me.
7. All time favorite disney soundtrack?
I feel pressured to decide and I can't! Okey, I can't choose one, but I narrowed it down to Frozen and The Princess and the Frog.
8. Scene in disney film that makes you cry?
Oh my god.. Where do I begin? I cry watching almost all Disney movies, but the scene that always brakes my heart is when Simba's dad dies in The Lion King.
9. Who’s your least favorite disney character?
Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I just can't stand that guy. He's pretending to be nice and stuff but he's just.. Ahh, I can't even talk about him.
10. Which scene in a disney film makes you mad?
The scene in Mulan where everybody finds out that she is a girl and just leaves her. I always think that it's really unfair, knowing how much she had already did.
11. What is a fairly tale or theme you would want in the next disney film?
I would love to see another underwater story, but I would love that the human this time would be a girl. There is one story in Lithuania to be exact, but you probably won't know it if you are from a different country.
12. favorite thing you own that is disney?
I don't have any Disney things and it makes me sad.
13. First disney film you have seen?
The Lion King
14. Last disney film you have currently watched?
Lady and the Tramp
15. Is there a disney movie you have not seen?
I haven't seen a lot, but I'm trying to watch them all.
16. What is a animated non-disney movie that you like?
The Princess Swan was my life when I was a little girl. Still kind of is.
17. Favorite disney quote from any disney film?
"Bad things happen, and you can't do anything about it." - Timon, The Lion King
18. Which upcoming disney film are you most looking forward to see?
Finding Dory! I'll watch the crap out of it.
19. Last question which main disney Disney character (Mickey for example) is your favorite?
I'll go for Donald Duck. He's just so grumpy and cute all the time and I like it a lot.

Well, that is a long post but I really hope you've enjoyed it and I tag all of you to do this tag. Leave me links in the comments, so I could read your answers. Byess!

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