Tuesday, July 29

New laptop: New possibilities

Well hello there! I'm here with awesome news! So, a few days ago, i've got an invitation to university and it means that i'm going to study for free (which was a must for me) and the fact that i'm going to uni is exciting as well. As a present, parents bought me new laptop! My old one, decided not to turn on anymore and my PC was so old, it was hard to do something with it. What is more, new laptop was a promise from my parents since I was in seventh grade so i've patiently waited for the time to come. And it came! I'm so excited, a lot of blog posts are coming since now I'm able to write them and i hope you'll enjoy them.:) Anyways, i know it's not a long post and i'm not bragging in any way i'm jus really excited to share the news with you guys!
Lots of love and i'll leave you with a photo of my puppy, just chillin' under my desk, 'couse it's so cute! . Byesss!

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