Sunday, June 15

Awful weather survival kit

Hello, dear readers! So, as you know, I live in a God forgoten place, also known as Lithuania and even if summer is finaly here, weather has decided to stay early spring-ish. I'm definitely a sunny and warm weather kind of gal, so i'm having dificulties staying in mood during rainy, dark and cold days. As a solution to all of you who is facing same problems as I am, I present you the "Awful weather survival kit". It's pretty abvious, what I'm going to talk about, but I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed creating it. So let's begin!

Music of your choice

Coldplay - Magic
It's the kind of song that always gives me chills. I love listening to slow, relaxing, chill kind of songs and I feel like this one is a perfect one for those rainy days when you don't feel like doing something. I like to lay in bed with my puppy, close my eyes and just listen this song on repeat for like 153 times. That's how weird I am when it comes to my favourite music.

One direction - You & I
I'm guessing there are a lot of fans of this song and I'm pretty surprised of how much I love it. I've always enjoyed One direction but I've never been a biggest fan of them. This song, however, makes me love them a lot more and I'm kinda waiting for new songs and hoping to be even more pleased. Anyways, I feel like this track and even video, perfectly fits bad weather.

TV show to encourage daydreaming

Gossip Girl
I know I know what you are thinking.. That's so last seazon.. But I like to re-watch my favourite shows just like I like to listen to my favourite songs on repeat, so I'm watching Gossip girl for the second time and I feel like it is the only show that I daydream about. Scandalous lifes of Manhattan's elite is something that really attracts me and I think a lot of girls dream to have a designer mother like Blair or live in a penthouse.

Movie to distract yourself

The First Time
Really easy to watch, funny and basicly one of my favourite teenage problems related comedy. Also, it's a great movie for all my friends, Dylan O'brien fans. I mean, he's like the perfect guy that is around my age, because I have a serious problem, when it comes to actors, I'm always falling in love with like twenty years older men than me.

Like Crazy
Sad movie about long-distance realationship, so if any of you have a loved one far away from you, I won't recomend watching this movie. But I feel like it's the kind of sad movie that fits perfectly when you can't set foot outside because of pouring rain.

Breakfast Club
For all of you old, classic movies lovers. I'm obssesed about this movie and I like re-watching it everytime, when I'm feeling like an outsider. It is funny, sad and has a lot to teach at the same time. One of my favourites old movies!

August Rush
If you haven't seen this movie already than what are you still doing here? Go download it and watch it! It's perfect. Amazing music, interesting plot line, gorgeous actors and it can make you tear a little bit. It has everything you can wish for in a movie.

Cute pet is always a plus

I know that not all of you have pets but if you have, you know the happiness that fills your heart when you see them. It doesn't matter if it's a dog, cat or a hamster. If you love it, it is a mood booster and can always put a smile on your face
So I guess, that's going to be it. I hope I gave you some ideas on how to survive bad weather and now I'm going to watch a bunch of Gossip Girl series with a hot cup of tea in my hands.
Have a wonderful day!

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