Friday, December 6


Guys, you're not gonna believe what had happened to me over the last week. On Tuesday, to be more exact, on 26th of November, I recieved a call from a lithuanian organization which helps lithuanian students apply to foreign universities and study abroad. I think, maybe a month ago, at my school I noticed a little announcment about the contest which you can win by answering five easy questions about the organization. The winner gets a free trip around the universities of The Netherlands. I have to admit, questions weren't as easy as claimed but I've managed to answer them and to be honest, forgot about it five minutes after. So, back to the beggining, a month latter, I recieved a call and a young lady announced that I have won. I couldn't believe it until I was actually sitting in the bus, ready to see a little bit more of Europe.

Firstly, we went to Berlin and it was simply breathtaking. We had a whole day there so we visited the Zoo (I was a little disappointed that there were no pandas since it is too cold for them), saw a little bit of city centre, enjoyed a Christmas wonderland, visited Reichsttag (I'm not sure I've spelled it right) and at the end just chilled at a cosy cafe. As the night approached, we all went back to the bus and drived whole night to visit first university at Holand. I'm not going to write everything about the universities so as not to write a whole book on a simple blog post.

After the visit to Radboud university at Nijmegen, we went to Amsterdam and spent there the rest of the day. All the pictures, except one, are from Berlin because I haven't had time to take pictures at Holand because of the constant rush. Also, pictures wouldn't be very quality if I had been taking them while walking.
Third day we visited two other universities: Han university of applied sciences and Saxion university of applied sciences. I enjoyed them both and we went to our last destination - Tropical Islands in Germany. That was really fun and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Saddly, but our trip after that was over and we had to survive 15 hours bus drive back home. Now I'm fully rested and a little bit nostalgic. I hope that this wasn't my last big trip without parents and I'm hoping that I will be able to study abroad after I'll graduate.
So I guess, that's going to be it. I hope you've liked my little story.

Have a nice day peps!


aisjuc said...

Vokietija yra nuostabi Ε‘alis! :))

Juli Woi said...

lovely photos! the quality is great and you look beautiful :)

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