Wednesday, November 13

Meet me

Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present you my newest attempt on writting a cute blog! Probably, you don't know me, but I am willing to change that. I have had a blog for about half a year and then just gave up on it. Naughty me, I know. I will try very hard, not to give up on this one unless, ofcourse, no one will read it. If I lack motivation and support, I just tend to forget, what I'm supposed to do.
So, to start with, my name is Simona and I am eighteen years old. I live in a cosy little country, almost in the centre of Europe that is called Lithuania. I have always wanted to write a blog in english but it's not my native language so excuse me in advance for any mistakes that I'm sure I will make a lot.
What will i write in my blog? Oh gosh.. Where do i start? I want to write about everything - my life, fashion, fitness and nutrition.. Over the last five months, I've lost quite a lot of weight and I know how much struggle I have had with it so it would mean a world to me if I could help any other young girl (or a guy) like me. My life has changed in oh-so-many ways since I've made this "life changing" decision and I want just to encourage any of you that are having doubts.
So, to sum up, you can expect any kind of posts in my blog and I'm already grateful for the readers that will stay with me.
And for the grand finalle, I'm leaving you with a photo of me if you haven't noticed the one in the top right corner. It's nice to meet you and have a wonderful day!

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